Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Phones are AWESOME!

I saw a belt in the J Crew catalogue recently and I really wanted it. Apparently, so did everyone else. I tried to order it online and it was back-ordered until May 8. I was not about to wait 6 weeks for a BELT so I went to my local J Crew store last Saturday to find it there. They didn't have it either but they directed me to this handy red phone.

APPARENTLY, if you are at J Crew and they don't have something you want on the floor, you can pick up this red phone and it puts you in touch with someone at J Crew. This person then checks availability online and through the catalog and if its on back-order they hunt down your belt at stores. It was AWESOME. They apparently take inventory of what all their stores have, find what I want, and they sent it to me. And it was CHEAPER than had I bought it in the store, apparently it was on sale in Schaumberg, IL. And, I'm pretty sure I didn't pay shipping for it. I received it last night, all wrapped up in a little package.

I LOVE my new belt, and the red phone.

NOTE: I would provide a picture of said belt but apparently due to popular demand, they don't even have it on the site anymore.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

October Road

Last night while cleaning my room aka, knitting, I caught up on all the ABC shows I haven't watched in awhile. Instead of making time to watch them, I watch "Lost" and "Men in Trees" on and if I miss "Grey's Anatomy" or "Brothers & Sisters", I watch these online as well.

Last night, I ran across a show I hadn't seen but was interested in watching, October Road. The premise of the show is that a guy goes back to his hometown after being gone for 10 years. Kind of like "Ed", another show I enjoyed. So after watching previews I saw who was playing some of the main characters and thought, they're WAY to young to be 10 years out of high school.

While watching, the writers were kind enough to provide timelines and the show started with the day he left, it said Summer 1997. Um, I panicked, "Wait, I was in high school in 1997. Wait, they're dressed in period clothing from when I was in high school. Oh my gosh, I've almost been out of high school for 10 years!" Ok, it's been nearly 8, but it was very weird to watch regardless. While home he sees a lot of his old classmates and they have kids, wives, families and again, I think, he's too young to be in this role, but then again, I go home and it's the same. I have a feeling this show is going to make me miss home.

Also, in the show they coined my new favorite phrase, "Where are you going? This night is still in diapers!"

Unnecessary Skills

I've decided to stop using the skills I've honed throughout the years that NYC has deemed unnecessary. This list might grow in time, but as of right now, it is limited to, finger/toenail maintenance and ability to sort, clean, fold laundry.

I was going to do my laundry on Saturday morning and I took it downstairs to my apartment's laundry room to find a sign on the door that said, "Laundry room will be closed till(sic) next week." I had my laundry soap, and quarters so I was just going to go across the street to the public laundromat. Then I said, nope, I'm going to have someone do my laundry for me. I walked over to my nearest fluff and fold (1/2 block) and handed them my laundry. What did it cost? $6.80 for TWO LOADS. For those of you with washers/dryers that sounds outrageous, but it's $1.75 per wash/dry in my laundry room. So if you calculate that with me, it would have cost me $7 to do it myself. Dropped it off at noon and picked it up at 5. And again, I didn't do anything.

As for mani/pedis, I realized that I haven't cut my own nails in awhile. When it's $7 for a manicure what's the point.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Starbucks Employee I Shall Never Be

Before I developed my skills as a full-time employee, I always thought, "If I get laid off, I can always go waitress or work at Starbucks". And while I will probably never have to follow through on that plan, I realize that I could never be a Starbucks employee because of a weird habit I have developed.

There are two parts to this, when I get a hot coffee drink from Starbucks, I must
1) I turn the lid so the lip is directly in line with the Starbucks logo on the cup,
2) I turn the cup sleeve so THAT logo is directly in line with the logo on the cup.

I have tried to NOT do this, but I think it's just so much better all lined up.

And welcome to my world of neuroses. It might be a frequent feature on this blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Noootttt Panicking...Must...Breathe

Ok, I saw this on and could not believe my eyes.

I am NOT going to freak out yet. As I have mentioned, I rely heavily on L&O as a filler program. I can tune into 5 mins or the whole hour and understand the plot equally well. If they do not keep creating new episodes, how will I watch them on TNT.