Sunday, June 15, 2008

Matt and Abby Visit

My sister Abby, and my brother-in-law, Matt, came to visit me last weekend for a few days while they were both on vacation: Abby for the rest of the summer, Matt's will only last for about 2 weeks. Why didn't I become a teacher or join the Air Force?

While they were here I got to do/see a lot of what New York has to offer that I haven't had the opportunity, or made the priority to see in my nearly 2 years in NYC. We attended the BBQ Fest in Madison Square with my friend Rommi and we all had a pulled pork sandwich which might have been the best BBQ I've ever had. And I lived in KC.

We also went to the Bodies exhibit which made my stomach a little queasy (and it was not the margaritas I drank the night before, at least, I'm telling myself that). We saw all the major muscles groups, bones, tendons, organs (if you are a smoker, quit now) and nerves (including the one that did not do a very good job of telling me "DROP THAT PAN! IT'S HOT!" earlier that morning. Finger nerve, you're on notice). It was really very interesting and Abby proved that watching surgery shows really does expand your knowledge. She was point out things to me like, oh, that's the [INSERT BODY PART NAME IN LATIN] and there's the [INSERT OTHER BODY PART NAME IN LATIN]. I had no idea what any of it was, except for the sacrum, because I am deeply jealous of people who have visible sacral sulci. You know, the two little dimples in the small of your back? Yeah, you can't see mine. Sigh.

We also went to the Empire State Building which I have never been to before. It was great to see the city from above. Central Park is huge, the Chrysler Building is still my favorite, and I loved picking out all the buildings and landmarks I knew.

A HUGE benefit of Matt and Abby coming was Matt's carpentry skills. I received a shipment of furniture from IKEA that I was very excited to put together and Matt was more than happy to help with. The furniture would have been put together and utilized without him being here, but it would not have been leveled correctly, or anchored to the wall. Two things that I'm sure would have made me less satisfied with the outcome. Matt - huge thank you for taking care of these things for me; they look fantastic. Dad, I know you're jealous. Next time you visit I'll find something for you to put together.

The Russo Wedding

Many of you may remember the post I wrote about how my friends Tim and Jana got engaged, but for those who didn't, you can find it here.

I attended their wedding on May 30, in Westhampton, NY. The location was absolutely gorgeous, as were the bride and groom. The food was exceptionally yummy and the best food presentation of the night goes to the french fries, served in champagne glasses with ketchup on the bottom. Pure genius.

I also loved the fact that I reconnected with so many people that I've met throughout the, um, 7 (I think) years I've known Jana. Yes, 7, she was an exceptionally bad influence on me my junior year in Lawrence. I remember.

I've never met someone who is so good at keeping people abreast of the happenings in her other friends' lives. So many people I met I said, "Oh you're [INSERT NAME]"! It was great to finally put a name to so many of the friends and family I'd been hearing about for years.

I've also met a lot of Tim's friends and family over the years that we've all be living in New York. They added so much fun and flavor to the festivities. I'm so glad I've gotten the opportunity to know them.

It was an amazing, moving wedding and it was a blast. I did a really poor job taking pictures but I'll be sure to post to the pictures their photographer took as soon as their available. You can see some pictures he took from the wedding on his website. If you're getting married, and need a wedding photographer, hire this man if at all possible. He takes amazing pictures, loves what he does (just read the blog) and is a nice guy to boot.

Jana and Tim, I wish you a very happy future.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Totally Fired

If this was my job I would have been fired for abandonment. Many apologies to people who actually regularly read my blog. I promise, I'll try to be better.

Over the next few days I'm going to post the stuff that has been rolling around in my head for the past month. Some, but not all of the things I'll include:

1) Jana and Tim Russo's wedding - it was absolutely beautiful
2) Abby and Matt's visit to NYC and my ensuing visits to lots of NYC things I've been meaning to visit
3) More stuff...

Stay tuned...