Friday, August 24, 2007


What makes me say this you ask? Is it...
  • That I've been living in New York almost a year? No, according to most, you're not a New Yorker unless you've been living in NYC for ~4-7 years (depends on who you ask)
  • That I received my New Yorker renewal? Nah, I've been reading the New Yorker for years.
  • That I've eaten my 1000th bagel. Sadly, no. I enjoy the NYC bagel but at the rate of nearly 3 a day, I'd be as big as a house.

NOPE!!! I was invited to join a synagogue today. I have never been more flattered. The only way I can think that I got this is that I joined a Jewish community service organization which I greatly admire and they gave this synagogue my address. The invitation is lovely, complete with an envelope for the high holy day reservations.

I don't think I will be taking them up on their offer but I'm so flattered. Sigh. I heart New York.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pros/Cons of Working Remotely

Yesterday New York City had effectively what could be considered a "snow day". I listened to NPR while getting ready like every morning and they said the 2,3 subway lines weren't running because of the heavy rains and flooding earlier that morning (of course I didn't wake up and knew nothing about it). I thought, "that's fine, west side, whatever". It's not all that uncommon for the subway not to be running.

I get to my subway stop at 86th and Lex (4,5,6 line) and I know as soon as I step off the bus that there are WAY too many people milling around the entrance. Once I walk up, I find out that those trains aren't running either. So I decided to get back on the bus to the west side to catch the C line to get to work but no one seemed to know if it was running.

I get to the west side and the C isn't running and the bus stops are overflowing with people. At this point I realize that I should just work from home and schlepped the x miles back to my apartment.

Several of my friends who couldn't get to work, and couldn't work from home pretty much had a snow day and drank mimosas for lunch. Some others were determined and took 3-4 hours to get to work via several modes of transportation. So, net net. Great that I didn't have to spend half the day commuting, but bummer that I didn't have a mimosa for lunch.

One additional thing to point out, New Yorkers were being sooo chill about the situation. Yes, there was minor grumbling about why the city/MTA/whomever can't get it together to pump the water out of the tunnels but overall everyone was very nice. Several people were offering their bus/subway maps to strangers, and commiserating about the situation.