Saturday, June 13, 2009


After years of eating 12 grain bread with turkey or chicken for lunch, I've regressed back to my childhood favorite. Bologna sandwiches on Wonder Bread! Yummy! It all started when I found that Wonder Bread has a new whole grain white bread. It's chewy goodness like regular white bread but it's a little firmer and a lot better for you.

Most people do not understand the love that I have for bologna. My dad could probably verify this, but I think I ate a bologna sandwich for lunch every day for a year. The following year, it was just cheese. Daddy, I'm proud to report that I have now combined my two favorite sandwich items and eat bologna AND cheese sandwiches. Tear, I'm growing up.

It looks like my nephew also has the bologna bug and chose to have a bologna sandwich for dinner the other night rather than bbq. While I'm not sure that's a decision I would make today, it was definitely one I would have made at his age.

Colin - Bologna and cheese is the way to go. I'll show you when I get home.
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I tweeted about it, I'm going to add to my Favorites on Facebook, it will likely be my gchat status tomorrow and here I am blogging about it.

Rent, buy or Netflix this movie! (Don't steal it...that's wrong.) If you currently have a Netflix account, you can use the "Watch It Now" feature which is the best thing about Netflix.

I am by no means a cinematic afficionado, but I knows what I like and I like this movie! It's heartwarming, several shots made me sigh, its funny, and there are great actors. Including Reese Witherspoon who also produced the film. High five Reese, I knew I liked you.

I liked it so much, and one particular song in it that I bought the soundtrack. Imagine that my favorite song on the album is from an artist I saw open for Joshua Radin. Her name is Schuyler Fisk and the song is Waking Life.

If at all possible, see the movie and report back!
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