Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Birthday Events

My 26th (ouch) birthday was a COMPLETE success.

Sabrina, Sean, and Sean's brother, Bill came up on Friday night and we headed out for some fun downtown. We hit McSorely's bar (one of the oldest bars in NYC), then a few random bars in the East Village. However, when 1:15 rolled around I determined it was time to head to Barnes & Noble a few blocks away to pick up my copy of Harry Potter when I got some fancy glasses.

Saturday during the day we took in a Yankee game where the "New Yankee" hit his very first homerun. It was great to see how everyone in the stadium gave him a standing O and how excited he was. Awww, New Yankee.

Saturday night we hit Stout to hear my favorite Irish band Scythian play. They were outstanding as usual and I think everyone had a great time. Check out my Flickr Page for pics from the last couple weeks, including my birthday.

From these pictures, I've determined there is a strong correlation between number of drinks I've had and how much I hang on people in pictures. Need to work on my bar posture. I have a goal for my 26th year! Hooray!

4th of July...Finally

Ok, since I'm laid up in bed sick, I figured this might be the optimal time to, 1) catch up on my quest to watch all of the SATC episodes, 2) finally upload my pictures from July 4th-present, 3) update the blog.

Yay! July 4th! My friends Jodi, Nicole and I decided to attend Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest to see the match up between Kobayashi and the U.S. favorite, Joey Chestnut. This seemed like SUCH a New York thing to do so we headed off to Coney Island to check it out.

As I'm sure many of you saw from the ESPN coverage, there were thousands of people there so of course we couldn't see. However, when we could see, we wished we couldn't. Seriously, gross, but we were so glad we went. Even when we waited 45 mins for a Nathan's hot dog. Delicious. Joey Chestnut broke the former record of 59 1/2 hot dogs by 6 1/2 hot dogs! It was impressive. You can see the picture of us at the contest below.

Not surprisingly, guys LOVE that we went to the Hot Dog Eating Contest. Thought I'd throw that out there for all the single girls out there. Competitive eating is a great pick-up line.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Um-buh-rella, ella, ella

Random rant: I hate people with golf umbrellas because if they are of average height, you cannot get around them on the sidewalk. I desperately want a golf umbrella so I can walk without getting wet.

I think I'll just pick up some golashes and deal with my little umbrella rather than self-loathe.

Bypassing the 4th onto J.Crew

Ok, so I really need to blog about my July 4th adventure and since I haven't posted pics yet I'm going to go ahead and skip it then come back to it later.

Ok, J.Crew story. I have a lovely strapless beach embossed dress that I got from J.Crew 2 years ago. After washing it (as the label directed) I noticed that something was poking me. The boning on the dress had come out of it's sleeve and was stabbing me in the waist. Now, this is not all bad as it corrected my bad posture whenever I began to slouch, but not the most enjoyable experience.

My friend Nicole, a former J.Crew employee said I should take it back and see what they could do. So I finally got around to doing this on Friday. They said they could give me the current sales price which of course I thought...$5. I will deal with getting stabbed if all I was going to get was $5. Shockingly, the sales price was $69.99 so I figured, I could get a new one online (they no longer have them in the store).

Today I finally went online to purchase the dress, and due to sales and discounted pricing the dress was only $47. I know it's dumb, but I feel guilty about J.Crew's poor system and taking advantage of it. I've decided the free shipping and extra t-shirt are my birthday present.

This actually worked out because I got the dress in a different color/size so it's like a present.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Beach

I don't need to go away for the weekend to go to the beach, I can just hop on the LIRR (Long Island RailRoad) which I have decided to start calling by it's phonetic spelling.

Saturday 4 friends and I went to Robert Moses beach which is the first beach on Fire Island. Admittedly, it took awhile to get out there (about 1 1/2 hours) but it was absolutely beautiful. It was probably 80 degrees, white sand, sunny. Gorgeous.

We even had a pretty good time on the train and on the way back we picked up a 6-pack and had Happy Hour. I think will be the first of many trips to the beach this summer. Next time I'll remember to put my memory card back IN my camera after uploading pics. Then I can share the beauty with you all.

Note: I, of Scandinavian descent and pale skin color that makes makeup counter ladies smirk, missed several spots when applying the SPF. Of course the around the ankle area, unreachable back area and around the swimsuit areas were most notably missed. Loose clothing for days...

See you Soon

So, maybe I frequent some places in my neighborhood a bit much. I realized how often today when I show up at Yummy Sushi and the woman asked me how I was doing and when I left, said, "See you soon!" Yeah, you probably will.

I also regularly go to Eastside Grocery around the corner from my apartment. It's actually a bodega, where you can pick up whetever you need if you're in a hurry. Friday night I stopped in there to get a big water for the beach on Saturday and finally asked the name of the guy who is ALWAYS behind the counter, Mohsen. Tonight I was craving some ice cream so went around the corner and he remembered my name, and I his. Then when I left, "See you soon!"

I really like my neighborhood.