Thursday, May 28, 2009

Riker's Island

So, when I couldn't sleep the other night I decided to play with Google Maps on my phone and I was beyond excited to see there is a water taxi that goes from 34th St to LaGuardia. Not that I will likely ever take it, but I love that it exists.

So I was using my track ball to trace the water route to the airport and was noticing all these landmarks it goes by, most notably...Riker's Island.

They always talk about Riker's on Law & Order but I always think about it being upstate or something, or you know, far away. Nope, its adjacent to the runway at LaGuardia. Of course I couldn't let it end there, no, it was 1:30am, what else was I going to do?

Upon reading the history and background of Riker's I found out we also have a floating barge prison. Yes, a barge that is outfitted with cells that docks in Brooklyn on the East River. What happens if you're seasick? Is the whole barge technically a brig? Does it ever go out on the river? If it does, instead of semester at sea is it called sentence at sea? I have many questions.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post Surgery - 3 months later

So I think I left off with Rommi taking me home. I really wasn't feeling much pain but the blood was a little nasty.

I basically lay on the couch for days, watched DVDs and slept. I never figured out whether it was my pain pills or the antibiotics that made me so loopy. I'd always take them at the same time and then 30 mins later I was OUT OF IT.

On day 3 or so the bleeding stopped and I didn't have to change my nose diaper as much and on Day 6 I was convinced my nose straws were trying to escape, but they stayed in.

Then the doctor, who laughs like Fozzy took them out. The splints were way longer that any object should be that goes up your nose. Way. Way longer. He sucked out all the gross stuff and it was insane how well I could breathe. To quote him "it was really messed up in there". I read some guy's blog about his experience and he said, "its like drinking through a stir stick your whole life and then drinking with a McDonald's straw. Woah! Big straw. Woah! Big straw." For a few hours I was breathing so deep that my lungs we're having trouble catching up with my nose.

3 months later I feel great, I still get a little congested on one side but its better than the alternative.

If you or anyone you know is considering the surgery, do it!
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So I waste a whole lot of time on the subway and I don't blog anymore. I think we have a solution to the problem. I'm testing out blogger mobile, where I can post to my blog via email message. Rock on!

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