Saturday, September 05, 2009

Observations on Midwest Airlines

I'm heading home to SD for the weekend and then will go back to my sister's house in Omaha to hang out with her and the kiddos for the week. I was lucky enough to use frequent flyer miles that I started accumulating WAY back in 2005 when I moved East. The best route home from DC was Midwest Airlines because they had a lovely, direct flight to Omaha.

Once I flew Midwest Airlines it was really hard to fly anything else. For one, the seats are built like lay-z-boys. They're wide with tons of legroom and footrests! It's awesome! The best thing about Midwest Airlines is the chocolate chip cookies. They bake them fresh in-flight and give you two warm cookies and offer milk or coffee. Its very indicative of Midwestern hospitality and its just so homey.

Since moving to NYC, I've barely flown Midwest at all. Its just not affordable from NYC for some reason. I love the cookies but that's no reason to pay an extra $200 for a flight.

So, imagine my surprise when getting onboard that half of the seats are the old size, and half are normal size seats! I was very bummed.

The cookie deal also usually only applies to flights that take off after 9am. I get that. I really do. Cookies are not appropriate breakfast food. We have to set an example for the children. So I had to chuckle a little bit when the flight attendant announced beverage service around 715am and informed the plane that Mikes Hard Lemonade was available for $5.

So even with these disappointments the trip has been great so far. In Milwaukee I had to go through security after getting a snack between flights. The security people in Milwaukee are BY FAR the nicest people I have ever encountered. Smiles everywhere and "Do you have any liquids? I'd hate for you to have to go through again. I know that's such a nuisance." Thank you nice security people!

Just boarded the plane so I'm going to sign off but had to leave you with something. The man taking tickets at the gate's name is Ritch. I saw that and thought, "hmm, that 't' is completely unneccesary". come Mitch needs a 't'? I'm pretty sure if someone named their kid "Mich" no one would pronounce it correctly. Any insight would be appreciated.

Hoping for cookies!

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