Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beers 'n Ears

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I talk frequently about my family's annual charity event, Beers 'n Ears. This year's event will benefit, Support Siouxland Soldiers which is an on-going care-package program that sends flat-rate boxes full of snacks, games, hygiene items and more to the deployed, Siouxland members of the Armed Forces.

We typically raise money through sales of meal tickets (all you can eat pulled-pork sandwiches, sweet corn, various salads and desserts, oh and ice-cold Miller Lite), through our live auction, and through sales of T-shirts adorned with the Beers 'n Ears logo.

Over the years people have asked me, "Where can I get one of those shirts?", well the answer is...right here. An image of this year's shirt is below but I want to mention a few "tweaks". The color of the shirts is "olive" so not identical (but close) to what is below, the logo will be a bit larger, and the logo will also be distressed because...10 years baby! We're vintage!

If you're unable to attend this year's bash, and would like to purchase a shirt (no pressure, if you don't want one, I will not be offended) please email your name, mailing address and size to

The total cost per shirt is $15 (add $2 for XXXL) + $4.80 shipping and handling. The shirts will be shipped around the day of the event (August 2nd) as long as you've paid the handy PayPal invoice my mom, Deb, will send you once she's received your order.

**We need all orders by July 21st, 5pm EST (sorry for the rush) so if you want one, you better respond fast.**

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crazy day

Someone left her apartment today at 11:30am to go meet a friend and finds herself coming home at 1:00am. She did NOT plan to not come home all day, but this happens when you go to meet your friend for some needed catching up, then get invited to go see BON JOVI IN CENTRAL PARK, then have to find food, then go to a birthday party.

More to come on today's events, particularly fulfilling my 13 year-old's fantasy of seeing Bon Jovi. However, don't get uber jealous, somehow my pale self managed to forget sunscreen so I have a glorious sunburn and some pretty ridiculous tanlines that I will be working on correcting tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more on today's happenings...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just Call Me Butter, because I'm on a Roll

Since my movie is broken I'll just keep blogging away, la la la la.

I haven't blogged about music in awhile so I can write about that. My latest obsessions are Meiko and Katy Perry. I know, more chick singers, I'm going through a phase. A very long phase.

I probably mentioned her, but I heard Meiko at the Hotel Cafe Tour I went to this Spring. I bought her CD shortly after and I have been listening to it quite a lot lately.

Katy Perry has one of the hits of the Summer according to a lot of lists I've seen. Her single "I Kissed a Girl" is all over the radio and in my opinion isn't even the best song on her album. Yes, it's a little scandalous, so it's getting lots of attention, which is a briliant move on behalf of her label. But there are some other great songs on her album, like One of the Boys.

Public Transportation

I gotta give WMATA (Washington Metro Area Transit Authority) credit, they are WAY ahead of MTA (New York's transit authority) in terms of efficiency. I love how many trains/buses run in New York, that you never have to walk far unless you want to, but dude, you go to WMATAs website and it tells you what time the next train is coming.

Yes, I get that this is not entirely necessary in NYC because the trains come so frequently, but it's awesome, and I'm sad I never used it when I lived here. It would have saved me a lot of time sitting at my metro stop trying to go somewhere on the weekend. Somehow I always got there as the last train was pulling away.

They also have the fancy screens to tell you when the next train is coming which again, not really necessary on some lines in NYC, but it'd be nice. Unfortunately, MTA doesn't have any money so it'll be some time until I see this stuff.


I am currently riding on the DC2NY bus, similar to Bolt Bus, and am having a lovely trip. It's about $15 more expensive than the Chinatown bus but they are new, clean, equipped with wireless Internet, they give you a bottle of water AND COOKIES. Guess what I'm most excited about? Well, you're wrong, it's the Internet. Don't be fooled by caps lock again kids.

I'm currently blogging and watching a movie on Netflix "Watch Instantly" which is my new favorite feature. It requires no explanation but I have time to kill so here it is. Basically you can watch older releases through streaming video so when I'm between movies I can watch stuff on my laptop. Ok, so my movie 'Bed of Roses' just stopped. Maybe not so great for the bus but great for lying in bed. Can't wait to get home.