Sunday, December 10, 2006

Word of Caution

Just a little note for my mom..."I'm fine" :)


  • You have hardwood floors, and
  • They are clean, and
  • You're wearing very padded socks, and
  • Jingle Bell Rock is playing on digital Cable

Do not go dancing into your living room to get your credit card for purchasing Christmas presents online. BECAUSE, when you bounce on slick surfaces with zero traction on your feet you go flying into the air and hardwood floors are not surprisingly, not a very forgiving surface.

If you can imagine me flying into the air, with my feet above me and landing shoulder first onto the hardwood floor, you have a very accurate picture of what indeed happened this afternoon. I'm sure if anyone else watched it it was hilarious but was home alone. I'm sure my downstairs neighbors were wondering what the heck happened but all is well.

Nothing is broken, my shoulder is definitely in its socket, however I will be wearing slippers or shoes in my apartment from now on. :)

Cheesy NYC Christmas Postponed

After going by Macy's on Saturday we decided to postpone Cheesy NYC Christmas until a weeknight evening, likely this week. The police had to create additional walking areas between barriers because the 15 ft wide sidewalk around Macy's was packed with people trying to take pictures of the windows. Not fun.

I needed to hit up the lingrie department to get a slip for a dress I just bought (Notice: no one sells slips anymore) and it took me 15 mins to cross the main floor to get to the elevators. There was a line at the elevators in order to prevent overcrowding on one of the other 9 floors.

So. Just a heads up, there will be pictures of Cheesy Christmas later this week.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NYC Movies

I went to a free lecture on the history of movies in New York last night. Although moving picture technology was invented in NY (thank you History of NY documentary), once films added audio the production of most movies moved to Hollywood.
At the time, there were a ton of roadblocks preventing filmakers from making movies in the city so even some movies about the city were made on soundstages in Hollywood. There was a run of Oscar winning movies filmed in NY which spurred the mayor's office to streamline the process of granting permits to film in the city. Which then led to a doubling of films being shot in NY that year compared to the last 20 years of filmmaking.

The speaker edited a book of images taken from movies and TV shows filmed in NY. If you know anyone in NY and want to get them a coffee table book, I recommend this one.
He also mentioned how films made about NY in the 80s painted a very dark picture about New York as a dangerous, dirty, scary place which was how the city was sold to the rest of the country. But movies in the 90s and within the last decade have gone a long way to show the city in a nice light: You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Searching for Bobby Fischer, and...others that I don't remember because I've been blinded by the prettiness of the first two.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Weird thing this morning. My friend Erica (from DC, visiting for a meeting) and I were in the Subway this morning and it was eerily quiet. Like, creepy quiet. I dont think a single person on our car was talking. Then, after I get off the subway, I walked all the way to my office and again, no one was talking. I found this seriously creepy.

I spoke to my friend Viv, a longtime resident, and she said that its like someone hits a mute button in New York in the winter. That it's too cold to talk. People better warm up soon because it creeped me out. I'll keep you posted.

Erica - thanks for visiting chica, even if it was for just a short time. You're always welcome in NYC!

Weird admission: Fellow bloggers, when you do a spell check before you post and it says, "No misspellings found" are you proud of yourself like I am? Excellent spelling AND typing abilities. This girl has mad skills.

Super Cheesy NYC Christmas

I have a lot of friends who, like me, are new residents to the city and a lot of friends who are long time New Yorkers. I thought I should bring everyone together and have a super Cheesy NYC Christmas.

This Sunday, barring inclement weather, we will be hitting up all the NYC Christmas stuff like Holiday Bazaar in Bryant Park, looking at the Macy's windows, Santaland at Macy's, Rockafeller Center and all of the store windows around there. I think we're planning to cap the night off with a showing of "The Holiday" apparently a wintery holiday movie.

I'm pretty excited about this if I'm blogging 6 days in advance. I'll plan to post pictures after the event. Maybe that will make me follow through on this holiday extravaganza.

Harry Potter and I...Like This

While I was still recuperating from the cough/sore throat/stuffy nose attack of '06 this past weekend I was very productive. And by productive, I mean I watched every single Harry Potter movie that has been released PLUS sneak previews for the Order of the Phoenix. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched some more than once. I may have watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire approximately 5 times. However, in my defense HBO was pretty much running it on repeat all weekend. And I didn't watch it start to finish every time, I did clean my apartment, do laundry and run other errands while it was on. I'm not crazy yo. ABC Family and HBO get a big shout out for entertaining me during my ailment, I'm not really sure what else I would have done.

Whenever I read Harry Potter, much moreso than watching the movies, I tend to get very weird thoughts like, oh, well we can just put a spell on the mop and it will clean the floor. Not quite THAT bad but I tend to start thinking along that line. Does anyone else have this issue?

On a completely unrelated issue, I had a productive knitting weekend. I think it is directly correlated to excessive TV watching and I finished a bunch of projects. I finished my beanie cap that I started and ripped 3 times since Thanksgiving. I also finished making a baby hat for the neighbor whose name I do not know (her husband's name is Tom) but am sure would appreciate a handknit baby cap once her baby is born.