Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Destination Profiling

Yes, this is a first world problem, and yes, it's a lot better than other types of profiling (I.e., racial, gender, etc.) but dang it all if I haven't been subjected to destination profiling.

This past weekend I experienced my first big snowstorm living in NYC. Sidenote: I did experience one when I came up to visit my friend Marc before I moved. We watched all of Season 1 of Weeds and ate Chinese. It was the best trip ever.

Anyway, I decided to brave the storm Saturday night and didn't realize what a challenge getting home might be. While those NY residents living closer to downtown were picked up left and right by "off duty" cabs They'd pull over, ask where I was going, then shake their head or quote me a price. Ahem, both of which are illegal!! Actually so is acting "off duty" so you don't have to pick up distant fares.

Then this morning, I stood on 1st ave with my suitcase to head to LGA and two open cabs drove right by me. Luckily a third pulled over like a minute later but still. Shenanigans.
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