Thursday, May 03, 2007

Downright Refreshing

Today is the best morning I've had in a really long time and it started because I got out of bed when I naturally woke up. For the last two weeks or so, I have been waking up between 6:15 am and 6:45 am without the aid of an alarm. Usually I just think, "WHY AM I AWAKE?!?!" then go back to sleep, no problem.

Well, I'm actually pretty busy at work this week so when I woke up at 6:45 this morning I decided to just go into work early. So I left my house ~17 minutes early, got to the subway station in Soho 25 minutes early (I love empty, early-morning trains), got a coffee at Starbucks, then walked on the sunny side of the street to work. I was actually singing. Now here I sit, 10 mins early for work, my lunch is put away, my flip flops are in a drawer and my heels are on. I might have to do this more regularly.

Oh, something else I love - my new security token that allows me to work from home. I got a jump start on this morning while watching "What About Brian?" on ABC last night. I promise not to get crazy with it, it's just really nice to be able to leave work at 6 if I want to, go to the gym and pick up where I left off if I'm having an exceptional busy week. Flexible work...I LOVE IT.

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