Thursday, May 03, 2007

Successful Craigslist Experience

I had my very first Craigslist experience today! I've been meaning to get a wireless router forever and checked out the Craigslist postings the other day. I got an (almost) new wireless router for $35! Not sure if that's good but about $15 cheaper than the same one at Best Buy. Sweet deal. The woman I bought it from was super nice and said she'd take it back if I had any problems which makes me pretty satisfied with my purchase.

I'm also LOVING my new wireless network. It rocks!


Deborah said...

Your Grandpa Elmer (age 82 11/12 ) is having his wireless network installed May 8th. I'm glad you're keeping up with him.

Ashley said...

Hahahahahaha...... you're barely keeping up with your grandpa!!!! too great! My grandma "steals" her neighbor's wireless and gets mad when is out of commission!