Thursday, November 16, 2006

Name that Rockstar...

Who is this cool girl you say? Umm, that's my little sister Whitney Rose who has been profiled on the SDSU student profiles page. She's pretty much a rock star. This is only ONE of the many publications she's been featured in (no, not Playboy kids) for her mad mechanical engineering/music/dimple wearing skills.
For those of you in the New York metro area she will be making a trip to this fair city in early March. Ms. Karpen is scheduled to make various appearances at bars and restaurants downtown and will be staying at an undisclosed establishment on the UES.

1 comment:

Ash said...

A few thoughts...

(a) Your sister rocks. She has done more with her life that I ever plan to. I lack motivation. But I do feel she and I could have deep conversations about the leading companies in O & P. Good times.

(b) Where have you gone? You go back to the midwest and forget about your blogging responsibilities? I need distractions in my day and you provide great ones.

(c) I've been thinking that all places of employment need institutionalized naptime. As a recent admittee to the real world, I have found a full work day to be rather long. A power nap at about 2 everyday would likely increase my productivity and limit the number of times that I go to my email or to see if there is anything new all afternoon. Just a thought.