Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've Been Bad...

Ok, I haven't blogged for forever and a day so thought I'd get on it.

I'm back in the land of leggings after a lovely trip to South Dakota to see the fam for Thanksgiving. It was probably my most productive trip home in ages seeing a bunch of family and friends. I was barely home which I will blame for the lack of blogging.

For those of you in the Sioux City area, you must go see the new Minerva's. The Karpen clan went there for lunch the day after Thanksgiving and it was absolutely beautiful. Big shout out to my old employers for making it pretty.
Back to the leggings. I saw 3 pairs on my flight, and another 1/2 dozen or so Monday. When the fad began, I absolutely hated it, it's sadly starting to grown on me. Now, I HAVE NOT purchased any leggings. I still can't think of what I'd wear with them besides a long sweater that covers my butt a la 6th grade. Hopefully the trend will be over by the time I am persuaded to buy some.

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