Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was watching a movie the other day (one that Netflix recommended that I see) and one part in particular caught my attention. This woman was going to leave her husband and is ranting about, "you don't know me" blah, blah, blah and she says, "What color are my eyes?" After thinking for awhile he said, "green" when in fact...they are hazel.

I'm not really sure about you other Hazelites out there, but for some reason I get so upset when people say my eyes are brown. They are not brown, they are hazel.

I'm not opposed to brown eyes, my sisters and I all had brown eyes when we were kids. I get miffed by the inaccuracy of it. They are hazel. As the Karpen girls got older our eyes started to change color and get more and more green. Abby's are by far the lightest, then Whitney, then me.

Because most people think my eyes are brown, when someone correctly identifies them as hazel, they are immediately awarded 40 cool kid points (usually paid out in the form of a hug). And when they argue with me and say that they are brown and not hazel, they lose 100 cool kid points (quick kick in the pants). Obviously from this you can see that the most important thing is not arguing with me.

I have a lot of pride in my hazel eyes and to decrease any confusion there might be (after all, no one wants to lose cool kid points) I've started buying the "made for hazel eyes" eye shadows and eyeliners, etc. I'm wearing it today and I think it works. Ooooh, hazely.

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