Thursday, November 30, 2006

Summer Day in NYC

It's gorgeous in New York today. I'm cooped up at home since I'm feeling under the weather but I left the apartment to mail our rent checks and it's about 70 degrees out. I love that its so nice out but it feels weird to listen to Christmas music in the grocery store when I'm wearing flip flops. Do people in warm weather climates feel the same way? I want to go see the tree at Rockafeller Center this weekend but can you really enjoy Christmas deocrations when it's warm out? Oooh. Just checked the weather, it's supposed to drop 20 degrees Saturday. Phew.

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ash said...

haha... I love shopping for xmas in flip-flops! Not right now though... Cali is experiencing a "cold" spell and people are going out of their minds. Break out the parka, mittens and scarf!! It's 50!!! Brrrr... Too great.